Fujitsu is leaping on the green bandwagon by offering a laptop with a wood case rather than the more traditional plastic or metal.

The laptop, which is only a prototype, uses cedar wood for the case and also makes use of bio-plastics for parts. Bio-plastics are plastics produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oil rather than petroleum used in traditional plastics.

The laptop, which is to be released this week, carries the names of Fujitsu and Monacca, a Japanese design team that specialises in wooden products. Monacca has a range of furniture and bags made from wood on sale via its website and recently launched a desktop calculator with a distinctive large, round wooden case.

While the all-wood PC may not be ready for commercialisation Fujitsu has been pursuing the use of bio-plastics in its other laptops. In 2002 it began working on using corn to produce a bio-plastic and the result of that project can now be seen on Japanese computer store shelves. Fujitsu's Biblo NX95 laptop has a 30 percent bio-plastic case.