Fujitsu has announced the MHZ2 BH mobile hard disk drive, which lowers power consumption while raising maximum storage capacity to 320GB.

The 2.5-in., 5,400 rpm, 3Gbit/s Serial ATA drive will be available next February, according to Fujitsu officials. Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing and business development at Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc., a unit of Tokyo-based Fujitsu, declined to disclose pricing plans for the new drive.

The MHZ2 BH can greatly reduce power usage during idle, sleep and read/write activity by improving heat dissipation and battery life within the perpendicular magnetic recording device, Hagberg said.

Equipped with two 160GB platters, the MHZ2 BH provides a read/write power-consumption rate of 1.9 watts, said Hagberg. The hard drive's energy draw during idle power consumption drops to 0.6 watts. Standby or "sleep" power usage on the hard drive registers 0.13 watts, he noted.

Fujitsu's new drive joins several similar offerings unveiled recently, including Western Digital Corp.'s Scorpio 320GB, 2.5-in. SATA notebook hard drive announced last month, and Toshiba's 320GB, 2.5-in. MK3252GSX SATA hard drive introduced in August.

The MHZ2 BH is the third offering in Fujitsu's M-class mobile hard drive portfolio, along with the 250GB MHY2 BH and 160GB MHX2 BH devices.