Fujitsu has begun offering two new hard-disk drives for users of its Eternus storage systems.

The new drives are available in 400GB and 500GB capacities with Fibre Channel interfaces for use as nearline storage drives in Eternus 3000 or 6000 disk array systems.

Use of the higher capacity drive raises the total storage capacity of an Eternus 3000 system to 118TB and an Eternus 6000 system to 500TB, Fujitsu said.

Nearline storage is typically used for applications such as back-up and archiving and so doesn't require as high a performance as primary storage drives. Typically such nearline drives have a slower data transfer rate than standard drives but also cost less. Fujitsu's new drive includes an "eco-mode" that stops the drive spindle when the drive isn't needed. That means the drive uses less energy than would otherwise be the case.

This is the third implementation of MAID (Massive Array of Idle Drives) after Copan (first) and Nexsan (second).

The drive was released in Japan on Monday and should be available to customers worldwide by the end of this year, Fujitsu said. Pricing was not announced.