Fujitsu has announced that is working with Shelter to modernise its shop network and connect more people to the charity’s housing and homelessness advice and support services.

The project will involve running a full IT health check on Shelter's retail communication networks, modernising the tills, hardware, software and technology infrastructure and increasing the capacity of its helpline.

Fujitsu will also help Shelter revamp its digital presence, implementing tools such as webchat within new stores to link customers to Shelter’s online advice service and investigating the ability to enable Shelter intranet access through the tills.

The aim of the project is improve the accuracy of store data and communications, giving the organisation a real-time view of the retail business and enabling stores to become more efficient and cost-effective.

“Amid growing economic gloom and rising unemployment, increasing numbers of ordinary families are falling victim to the housing crisis – this is why the partnership with Fujitsu is so timely,” said Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter.

“We were looking for the support of a technology partner to help us reach more people in housing need. Fujitsu is perfectly placed to do this and has exceeded all our expectations with its experience and innovative thinking. We look forward to a long and successful partnership together.”

Fujitsu said that the decision to support Shelter was made by the company's own employees. In a poll open to 14,000 people working in the UK and Ireland, 52% opted for the housing charity from a selection of three charities in total.

“Our employees are truly passionate about this partnership and are excited about providing hands on support to one of the UK’s leading charities,” said Duncan Tait, CEO of Fujitsu UK & Ireland.