Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is aiming to make it easier for IT managers and CIOs to deploy multiple clouds across the enterprise with a new management tool.

The Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform, launched this week at the company’s annual conference in Munich, aims to help businesses integrate, aggregate and manage all their cloud services from a ‘single pane of glass’.

The platform covers traditional systems, private cloud, and public cloud; whether they are delivering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Fujitsu solutions EVP, Cameron McNaught, told Techworld that the platform offers resource provisioning and reporting, process and data integration, data management, system and process management and identity and access management.

"The Fujitsu Cloud Platform enables the CIO to offer the concept of 'Bring Your Own Cloud'," he said. "Whatever cloud services are right for that business; they can now be managed in a secure and compliant way within an enterprise."

IDC research analyst, Vernon Turner, said: “The 'candy store' of irresistible cloud services continues to grow in range and complexity – enticing customers from all corners of the enterprise to ‘have cloud their way.’ IDC forecasts that public IT cloud services spending will grow at five times the rate of the IT industry as a whole one challenge for CIOs is how to simplify the way they combine and manage these services, particularly when they are delivered by multiple providers.

“Fujitsu’s Cloud Integration Platform is leading the way to help provide organisations with the basis of seamless application, data and management environments across their in-house ICT.”

Over the next three years, Fujitsu predicts that many organisations will introduce more than 30 cloud services from multiple providers into their existing ICT landscape.