Freecom has come up with the hard drive system for the user who feels compelled to physically label everything.

Hard drives can be given drive and partition labels, of course, but the new Mobile CLS (for ‘Collect, Label & Store’) takes the concept literally.  The base of the system is a docking unit, which attaches to the PC via USB 2.0. This accepts from one to three individual hard drives in a vertical configuration, which can then be labelled using supplied sticky, coloured tabs.

The benefit is supposedly that it allows users to store different types of data on physically separate drives. It is not obvious how this improves on simply using multiple external drives or partitioning a drive logically, but Freecom reckons non-technical users find this sort of literal data storage system easier to understand.

The drives will work independent of the base, on their own, hence the 'mobile' moniker. Another way to see the Mobile CLS would be as a dockable portable drive.

“The possibilities are endless – users could allocate one drive for music, another for work documents and another for full system backups, or simply give one to each family member so that everyone has their own device for their own files,” continued Freecom's managing director, Axel Lucassen. 

Drive capacities start at 250GB, and move up through 320GB, 500GB, 640GB and 750GB. The docking unit, which costs £14.99 (approx $25) accept a mix of different capacities as needed, and can power the full compliment of drives in the dock through the USB port, the company said. A 250GB drive costs £65 (approx $95).

The Mobile CLS was designed by  Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz.