Network utility developer Axence has doubled the size of its free NetTools suite, taking it from four tools to nine.

The company, which has sales and development offices in Poland, said it has added five tools from its $29 paid-for version, along with trial copies of three more tools. The Windows-based suite is intended to help network admins monitor the LAN and what's on it, Axence added.

The five extra tools are NetStat, which checks the connections to your computer, a network scanner which finds nodes and services on the LAN, a service and port scanner to check for open ports and running services, TCP/IP Workshop for TCP and UDP testing on your system and others, and a network quality tester called NetCheck.

The free suite already included more graphical versions of Ping and Tracert, a DNS lookup utility, a feature to list active processes on the local machine, and a bandwidth measurement tool which operates without adding any load to the network, according to Axence.

Also in the paid version are tools to monitor host availability, and to retrieve WMI and SNMP data from remote devices. The host monitoring tool can be set to send a warning email if a host does not respond within a set time.