Force10 Networks has announced two new switches designed for use at the edge of LANs, pushing it further into competition with Cisco.

Force10 has traditionally focused on high-performance networking gear that offers resiliency and fail-over, making it popular with supercomputing centres. But the company needs to add more products for large businesses if it wants to continue to grow, said Steven Schuchart, an analyst at Current Analysis.

"In order for Force10 to succeed, they need to have a full line of products for the enterprise to buy," Shuchart said. The new switches will help, he said, although Force10 is "not even close yet" to being a well-rounded networking vendor. The company still has gaps in its product line such as wireless products or firewalls, according to Schuchart.

The S50V switch costs $9,000 and the S25, $10,000. Both devices are designed for use in wiring closets outside of data centres, said marketing head Steve Garrison. The S50V provides 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports Power Over Ethernet, while the S25 has 24 fibre-based Gigabit Ethernet ports with additional port security features.