Extreme has launched a new high-performance switch with automatic restart built-in.

The Summit X450 is intended as a non-blocking high performance edge switch or a small network core switch and comes with a wide range of security features and the company's modular switch operating system, XOS.

Previously available on Extreme's BlackDiamond series of core switches, XOS is designed to help secure and manage LAN edge connections with a network of switches that can communicate security threat and traffic management issues via XML-based messages.

The Summit X450 is a 24-port switch that provides 10/100/1000Mbit/s links, and four extra fibre Gigabit Ethernet uplinks. It allows network services running on a switch, such as multi-cast, SNMP or other services, to be turned on and off without taking the switch offline. XOS also allows Extreme switches to communicate and share data about what types of devices are connected and self-configure settings such as QoS and security.

Extreme said it plans open the switch up to partners, such as Avaya, which would allow endpoint devices or servers to communicate with Extreme switches via XML.

Any application that can talk XML can talk to Extreme XOS-based switches, said Suresh Gopalakrishnan, Extreme's marketing VP. He says such device-to-switch "conversations" could help applications running on servers by auto-configuring QoS settings on the LAN and WAN, or improve application availability with load balancing.

It is also working with Avaya to deploy agents on Extreme XOS-based switches that would allow users to collect real-time data on VoIP performance on a corporate network.

The Summit X450 is available now.