Extreme Networks has unveiled an ASIC-based big data analytics system that marries network data with application data to make it easier to manage large networks and cloud deployments.

The Purview offering provides visibility into application use across the network, helping organisations in four ways, said Extreme.

The product can improve the experience of connected users, enhance organisations' understanding of user engagement, it optimises application performance, and protects against malicious or unapproved system use.

By using Purview, said Extreme, organisations are better able to deliver significant improvements to their critical technology assets.

Purview captures network data and then aggregates, analyses, correlates, characterises and reports on it, providing insight into how and why systems perform.

Extreme said Purview leverages patented technology to bridge the gap between IT network management, security and business intelligence through a single integrated view.

Purview was used at the weekend to provide WiFi usage analytics at the NFL Super Bowl.

Chuck Berger, CEO of Extreme Networks, said: "Purview's deeper level of insight allows organisations to rapidly make well-informed decisions aimed at improving the user experience."

On initial release the Purview customisable signature set supports over 7,000 applications, including enterprise CRM, ERP, HCM, storage, web, collaboration, email, social networks and gaming.