Extreme Networks has extended its management capabilities to the edge of the LAN.

The company's new ReachNXT 100-8t enterprise port extender and EPICenter 7.0 management software suite has been designed to ease wired connectivity in challenging locations - such as conference rooms and visitor areas - and extend consistent management to those locations, which are usually beyond the wiring closet.

Targeted at education, healthcare and enterprise campus networks, the ReachNXT 100-8t is an eight-port Ethernet port extender that provides Fast Ethernet connections to devices such as desktop and laptop computers. Unlike eight-port unmanaged switches, ReachNXT is visible in EPICenter via the upstream ExtremeXOS switch.

The ReachNXT 100-8t includes eight ports of 10/100Base-T and a combination 1000Mbps uplink port - 1000Base-T and 1000Base-X SFP. With its built-in SFP port, Reach-NXT 100-8t can also function as a fibre-to-copper media converter. The ReachNXT 100-8t can be powered by an upstream Extreme Power over Ethernet switch or by an external AC power adapter, while the 1000Base X SFP is powered by an external wall adapter.

Extreme's EPICenter 7.0 management software includes a new topology map that provides end-to-end visualization of network services such as virtual LAN, vMAN, and the EAPS resiliency protocol. Additionally, EPICenter's enhanced scripting and customisable programming language enables automated deployment and maintenance of network devices and services, said Extreme.