Almost half of all European businesses have got a storage area network (SAN) installed, according to new research, and more are on their way.

Market research and analysis company Macarthur Stroud International (MSI), interviewed 450 Euro businesses and found that just under half of them - 47 percent - have implemented one or more SANS.

The internal rates of return on the SAN costs varied from 30 percent plus to over 200 percent, they found, which is in turn driving demand for new SANs to be installed.

The research identified three factors that will drive SAN growth:-

  1. SAN products developed for small/medium businesses and enterprise workgroups
  2. Improving vendor-branded services to support customers (delivered through resellers)
  3. SAN products developed for business needs rather than sold as 'gee whiz' technology.

MSI CEO and founder Hamish Macarthur said: "'We were not surprised to find that nearly half of the organisations we polled had deployed a SAN because ROI is so high. Also, the need to address legal and regulatory factors will certainly result in a new storage sales peak in the short and medium-term."

Compliance regimes are going to cost money as business "sanitises" its stored imformation and processes, he added.