Ericsson has launched a PBX gateway that extends PBX functions to mobile phones.

Enterprises can deploy the Ericsson Mobility Gateway with any PBX that supports the Q-SIG signalling interface, Ericsson said. The gateway allows enterprises to support desk phones and mobile phones from the same infrastructure.

Mobile users who are supported by the gateway can take advantage of typical PBX features including conferencing, call transfer and unified messaging, Ericsson said. The features can be accessed from a traditional mobile phone, smartphone or laptop computer.

The Ericsson Mobility Gateway is part of Ericsson MX-One, a platform that integrates data, voice and mobile communication into a server-based platform.

Other companies are also offering products that let enterprises better manage their mobile phone users and extend PBX-like features to them. Danish company Speakanet offers a virtual PBX that allows a receptionist to use a web-based tool to view the status of employees' mobile phones and forward calls to them.