Entuity has added VoIP and IBM BladeCenter support to its main network management product, Eye Of The Storm.

Eye is an integrated product that sits between the all-inclusive framework products, such as HP's Open View or CA's Unicenter, and products managing particular aspects of the network. It offers network performance, fault management, inventory and resource management through one interface.

Version 4.0 of Eye is also expandable through the addition of different modules, although only by Entuity, not by customers. Michael Jannery, Entuity's marketing VP, said: "Entuity can add new devices or module types and it's plugged in to the installed base."

VoIP support comes courtesy of Cisco CallManager support. Jannery said: "Up until now customers haven't been able to manage their VoIP trafic and other network traffic through a single pane of glass." He claims that, with EYE v4.0, they can.

EYE costs from $50,000 upwards (£28,000) to and beyond $250,000 (£140,000). How large would a network have to be to make it worth considering? Jannery says: "Probably around 3,000 ports, or 500 devices, supporting say, 3,000 users."