Enterasys Networks has launched a 10Gbit/s intrusion detection and prevention system for its Dragon switches.

The IDS/IPS product works with Enterasys' Dragon Security Command Console for security information management and NetSight Automated Security Manager, for intrusion response to sense and respond to security threats, Enterasys said.

When deployed with the Enterasys Network Access Control system, mapping capabilities identify, isolate and remediate the source and location of malicious network traffic in real time, the company said.

The Enterasys Dragon IDS/IPS system also performs vulnerability signature matching, protocol analysis, network behavioural analysis and VoIP traffic analysis via packet capture and session reconstruction, Enterasys said. It includes a library of over 14,000 threat signatures and live signature updates, and supports Snort signature databases.

The Dragon IDS/IPS also features distributed fault tolerance, Enterasys said.

The product is available now with prices starting at $175,000.