Quantum announced the availability of the DX100, its second generation enhanced backup system, providing a disk-based backup device, positioned by Quantum as a backup front end to a tape device backend, typically a library, used for archival purposes.

The existing DX30 separates the backup target from the backup archive. It utilizes the quick access, high-speed data transfer, and RAID 5 protection of disk speed up backup. Quantum says the tape library can use its strengths (low cost, ability to write large block sizes, removable media, and archival stability) to concentrate on archival data storage.

Backup jobs are done directly to the DX30 (the backup target) increasing backup speeds in excess of 288GB/hour and with a maximum capacity of 3TB hot-swappable Serial ATA disk in a 4U rack slot. The DX30 precisely emulates a tape library (with two to six tape drives), allowing existing backup software to function without modification. The DX100 system, ike the DX30, is managed by the backup software as a single tape library containing from 1 to 24 tape drives with from 1 to 24 backup streams. The DX100's capacity starts at 8TB and expands in increments of 4TB, up to 64TB. Sixteen disk arrays can be supported, providing an I/O rate of up to 2 TB/hr.

Steve Kenniston, senior analyst for Enterprise Storage Group said: "Tape emulation helps IT overcome the psychological hurdle of making a change in its (backup) environment without disrupting process and by increasing data protection performance."

The DX100 is priced at an MSRP of $105,000 for an 8 TB configuration, including installation services and one full year of on-site service and support through Quantum's StorageCare services programme.

UK customers would buy one from a Quantum reseller and be quoted, if they wished, a UK pounds sterling price based on the existing £:$ conversion ratio, held for a 30-day period.