Emulex has  announced its latest Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) with four 8Gbit/s ports on a single board, doubling the capacity for its LightPulse HBAs.

Emulex said its new LPe12004 quad-channel 8Gbit/s. HBA is targeted at high-bandwidth, slot-limited servers, virtual tape libraries (VTLs), storage arrays and tape libraries. The new LightPulse HBAs also come in single- and dual-channel configurations.

The HBA is backward compatible with existing 4Gbit/s. and 2Gbit/s. Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) and is equipped with a service level interface, which enables driver compatibility across all generations of Emulex HBAs.

"The LPe12004 addresses the bandwidth and slot constraint challenges of I/O intensive applications and next generation data centers," said Steve Daheb, Emulex's chief marketing officer and senior vice president of business development.

The LPe-family of HBAs is available now. A four-port model will retail for $5,349(£3,243); a dual-port model for $2,695(£1,634) and a single-channel model for $1,845(£1,118).