EMC has announced a major revision to Documentum. The new offering, dubbed its next-generation enterprise content management platform, will draw together collaboration, search, and file management into one system, the company said.

Documentum 5.3 includes a number of new features. The EMC Documentum Client for Outlook lets Outlook users access all the features available in the traditional Documentum Web-based interface, so you can also save e-mails and attachments in a Documentum repository. And a new federated search capability will let make content searching in Documentum and other repositories easier.

All the features are also part of a single system. "As enterprise content management applications are becoming more strategic, buying requirements are shifting from point solution products to comprehensive platforms,” said Toby Bell, Gartner research director. "A unified stack that can federate formerly isolated content repositories offers benefits to business buyers."

All content management applications will now share the same architecture with a common code base, security model, repository, object model, and API, meaning lower installation and administration costs plus unified audit trails.

Documentum 5.3 also includes new business and process services. EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services shifts documents, images, and audio and video files from one format to another according to the application.

EMC Documentum Collaboration Services lets information be shared through notes, contextual folders, discussions, and workspace rooms. And lastly, the EMC Documentum Business Process Engine sets you up automate tasks such as work assignment, prioritisation and load balancing.