EMC has three new virtual tape products it will officially announce next week.

New disk libraries will back up data faster with greater capacities than existing Clariion products. EMC will also preview a new version of its high-end Symmetrix DMX-3 storage array. The DMX-3 950 is an entry-level array for this platform.

And, finally, there will be new iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity for its mid-range Clariion arrays and new Navisphere software for the Clariion that lets IT administrators set quality of service levels. EMC will also add new models to its network-attached storage Celerra NSX and NS Series.

According to company documents, the DL4000 Series has twice the performance and capacity of the previous EMC CDL. The DL4000 Series consists of three models, which will replace the current DL710, DL720 and DL740. The new DL4100, DL4200 and DL4400 are priced as much as 10 percent lower than the DL700 series appliances.

Each model of the DL4000 Series has 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel and uses EMC's UltraScale architecture, which consists of PCI-Express technology to sustain high bandwidth and low latency. The DL4000 Series joins EMC's low-end DL210, which has a total capacity of 24TB.

Each DL4000 Series appliance consists of an Intel controller, 12 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel ports and six Gigabit Ethernet ports, connected to Clariion CX3-80 storage arrays via a QLogic host bus adapter. The DL4100 and DL4200 perform at up to 1,100MB/sec; the DL4400 performs at up to 2,200MB/sec.

"Obviously there is more data that needs to be stored for longer periods of time. We need large-capacity storage systems to address the needs for consolidated and tiered storage," said Greg Schulz, senior analyst for StorageIO. "If you look at the [virtual tape library] market, it continues to grow. As organizations adopt VTL technology, it only makes sense to have bigger and larger VTL configurations with more capacity and controllers."

The DL4100, a single Intel controller version, tops out at 170TB and 1,024 virtual tape drives. The DL4200 also has a maximum capacity of 170TB, but unlike the DL4100 it has two controllers. The DL4400 has a maximum capacity of 340TB and can support as many as 2,045 virtual tape drives.

EMC's software lets customers manage both virtual and physical tape pools through a single interface. Operation of the Disk Library is integrated with the NetWorker and NetBackup software and supports cloning of virtual to physical tapes locally or over distance. The new software also supports twice the number of emulated virtual tape libraries and drives, and improved IP replication capabilities.

Pricing is not available at the moment for the new DL4000 Series appliances. They are expected to be available in November.