EMC is offering on-site support to manage the flow, usage and storage of data in its equipment within the enterprise.

EMC Managed Services now includes a wider range of residency services, where EMC staff assist businesses on site with storage operations, as well as managed utility and storage management services. The managed services, from the company's Technology Solutions group, now include residency services for messaging infrastructure and content management, thanks to expertise EMC acquired earlier this year with Internosis, which specialised in IT infrastructure and managed services for Microsoft environments.

"We could sell 100 percent pay-as-you-grow, but we don't think it's in our customers' best interest. Storage demands are growing so why pay a premium to somebody for 100 percent pay-as-you-grow when you don't need to pay the premium? We think it's best for customers to look at what their base storage requirement has been and make that commitment up front, which reduces the risk you put on EMC, which reduces the cost," said Darrell James, senior vice president of technology solutions for EMC.

The services are geared for businesses that require multiyear, on-site management of storage environments with more than 100 terabyte of capacity, and place dedicated EMC staff at a site where they provide support based on service-level agreements.

"We don't need to have our own dedicated resources, and we can concentrate on our core business," said Thomas Schiller, general manager of IT for Toyota Motorsport in Cologne, Germany, which handles the design, manufacturing and operation for the Toyota Formula 1 program, and is using the service.

Speed is key for the race-car manufacturer, which handles the chassis and engine design, manufacturing, wind-tunnel testing, and race and test operation for the Toyota F1 program, and which often has to make changes to cars in extremely short time frames.
"We have a development cycle of two weeks' time between races," Schiller said. "The managed service agreement driven from EMC gives us a huge amount of flexibility. You normally go for a contract with a duration of three to four years, and the binding in that contract is very solid, but EMC offers me huge flexibility to change service-level agreements according to demands changing in my business."