EMC has a new version of its Documentum software that will allow users to embed it within their own software.

From next month, the Documentum OEM Edition will let companies put the enterprise content management (ECM) software within their own applications, following in the footsteps of database vendors who have seen a jump in sales following the move.

Documentum bundling deals to date only amount to only a "very tiny portion" of overall sales according to EMC archive marketing director Lubor Ptacek, but once EMC begins shipping its new edition, it hopes to rapidly expand the number of companies that include Documentum inside their applications.

"Today, virtually every application vendor needs to embed a content repository and content functionality as part of their application," Ptacek said. Software vendors have been building their own content repositories, but they're now hearing from customers that those offerings often don't meet users' needs around security, compliance, audit and storage optimisation, he added.

In much the same way that database vendors such as Sybase have grown by providing embedded products, EMC hopes the embedded version of Documentum will help it get into areas it hasn't operated before.

Ptacek stressed that the existing version of Documentum and the upcoming embedded release share the same functions and have an identical application programming interface (API) but the embedded version is not as extensible and doesn't include a variety of installation options. It will also not handle the same load as the standalone version, something that EMC paints as being "optimised to run in a resource-poor environment".

EMC is offering flexible pricing, including options for pricing per user seat or per central processing unit (CPU). When application vendors purchase the embedded version of Documentum, EMC will also give them access to some of its comarketing, developer and technical support programs.

Original reporting by IDG News Service