EMC has pitched itself to SAP users with a range of new products. A Centera-based product set, performance monitoring and DatabaseeXtender products have all been announced today.

SAP users generate lots of data. Because of it, they can face slower transaction response times, slower backup processes, reduced system up-time, poor storage utilisation, and longer upgrade and migration timeframes. And so EMC has come up with pre-tested and validated product bundles as a remedy:

  • EMC Archiving for SAP with Documentum archives off online SAP data to the Centera using Documentum.
  • EMC DatabaseXtender for SAP BW works in SAP BW environments by identifying and selectively relocating historical and detail data to less expensive disks. The data is still online but stored more cheaply.
  • EMC Performance Monitoring & Optimisation for SAP uses EMC consultants to provide SAP customers with a "best practice assessment" for monitoring, analysing, and optimising their SAP application environment and supporting storage configurations to meet service level agreements (SLA) and get a lower total cost of ownership.

EMC and SAP said they will come up with some new joint services to "help SAP customers better manage corporate-wide information and standardise the behaviour of business processes." They will be available later this year and focus on archiving for the life sciences and consumer products industries

EMC customers running SAP find that storing all their online SAP data on Symmetrix DMF arrays is expensive. Noiw EMC can tell these customers to put their second-level critical data on cheaper and slower disks. It's still online. Then put third-level SAP data into Centera where it will be de-duped, held reliably and still be online. Consultants will give the SAP-EMC setup an inspection and we'll make sure it runs fast and meets SLA committments while costing as little as possible - that's the pitch.

The end result is a smaller first-level SAP data store. SAP applications should run faster as fewer Symmetrix disks are needed.

Server and storage vendors love SAP and scramble to work well with its products. IBM announced in February that, together with SAP, it was going to develop and market case management solutions for the global social services and social security marketplace. IBM has also optimised DB2 for SAP.

The EMC Archiving for SAP with Documentum and EMC Performance Monitoring and Optimisation for SAP offerings will be available at the end of June. EMC DatabaseXtender for SAP BW is available on 9 June. No prices were announced.