EMC is cutting 1,000 jobs this year as it focuses on developing new products and finding new customers.

The job losses, which will cost the company $80 million, will be made up in terms of headcount by hiring more research and sales staff, the company said at its preliminary end-of-year results meeting.

EMC has not said from which part of the company the cuts will come. More information will be given at the official results meeting on 24 January.

Chairman, President and CEO Joe Tucci said of the layoffs: "The best companies preserve their leadership by looking out to the horizon and making adjustments today to position themselves for shifts in customers’ expectations and market dynamics.

"Our business model and organisational structure continue to evolve as we integrate new acquisitions, expand into new markets and address more of our customers’ information infrastructure needs. While we continue to focus on improving our overall cost efficiencies, we also plan to utilise this rebalancing to invest in sales and R&D in order to accelerate our innovation engine to capture an even greater share of our expanding market opportunity.”

EMC's has around 25,200 staff. For its fourth quarter, it expects revenue of $2.7 billion and will be EMC's tenth straight quarter of double-digit revenue growth.