EE says its 4G mobile service is now fully live in the Channel Tunnel and has allowed more than 25,000 EE customers to connect in it over the last two months.

The 4G deployment in the tunnel was completed on the 24 September, with average 4G speeds of 13.5mbps being offered, with top speeds registered at up to 57mbps, said EE.

EE 4G Channel tunnel
Passengers using 4G from EE in the Channel Tunnel. Image credit: EE

EE CTO Fotis Karonis said: “We're very proud to have been the first UK operator to put superfast data 75 metres underground in the Channel Tunnel. We've made a real difference to people commuting and going on holiday.”

The EE network in the tunnel also supports 2G and 3G conectivity, all while travelling at up to 99 miles an hour during the 30 minute journey.

Mobile coverage was first offered to mobile operators in the Channel Tunnel from summer 2012 through an Alcatel-Lucent network. Vodafone is also planning to offer 4G in the tunnel.