Doyenz, which develops cloud platforms for service provider networks, released version 3 of its platform, which is designed for small and midsize businesses looking for disaster recovery services and test environments.

The Doyenz ShadowCloud 3.0 platform relies on virtualisation and virtual machines to create a back-up environment of a small business's production IT network. The idea is to provide the type of disaster recovery and failover services similar to those deployed by larger IT organizations to guard against downtime.

The 3.0 version includes support for physical servers, which means end-users don't have to convert their production servers to virtual machines before storing them on the ShadowCloud platform. The conversion of those servers now can take place on the service provider network.

All that is needed to run Doyenz is a set of server side agents and a Web browser.

When users need to restore their machines they can deploy the VM copy of the server stored in the cloud or convert the image back to a physical server deployment. Users also can failover to the cloud platform while repairing internal servers.

Users can replicate any Windows servers running software such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or line-of-business applications.

In addition, Doyenz also has added support for VMware's VSphere cloud operating system.

"For SMBs we provide the bridge into virtualization and the cloud," says Ashutosh Tiwary, founder and CEO of Doyenz. The company does not sell directly to end-users, but rather provides infrastructure to managed service providers.

In addition to replicating servers, the Doyenz platform lets those provides offer test and migration environments.