BT has announced a trial with Dolby to make audio conference calls more effective by making them sound and feel like in-person meetings.

The trial will involve combining Dolby's Voice technology with BT's MeetMe conferencing service, which has been upgraded from a traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) system to a voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform.

Dolby Voice uses core signal processing and “human psychoacoustic perception” to create a “spatial audio scene,” whereby users hear other participants as if they were at different points in the room.

“It's the same quality of sound that you get on an iPod,” said Neil Sutton, BT's Global Vice President of Portfolio.

“You get wonderful noise suppression, you have equalisation of people's voices – so you don't have loud speakers and quiet speakers – and you have HD voice within that. It's more like being on a call rather than joining a walky-talky session.”

BT claims that by delivering a clear, crisp audio conferencing experience, participants will engage more naturally in conversation and generate better outcomes from meetings.

MeetMe is part of the BT One portfolio of unified communications solutions delivered to businesses and government organisations by BT Global Services.

The company announced several other updates to BT One, including new integrations with Microsoft Lync and Cisco UC9, and a new smartphone app and web client called One Voice that aims to reduce mobile roaming costs by allowing employees to make VoIP calls from any device.

BT also launched new high definition video endpoints that allow end users to move from individual work on a laptop to a quick high quality video call and to share documents in real time.

BT's product updates were accompanied by a survey of 1,000 executives, which found that executives feel they are wasting up to 25 percent of their time every day due to poor communication, collaboration and information flows, as well as basic administration tasks.

“Our vision is to make communications simpler, helping organisations transform the way they collaborate internally and the way they interact with their customers, partners and suppliers,” said Luis Alvarez, newly appointed CEO of BT Global Services.