Dell has expanded upon its green ambitions after revealing plans for a reference architecture that will pave the way for enterprises to reduce power consumption and go green in the future.

During a keynote at the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 conference this week, CEO Michael Dell said that reducing power consumption and going green was just one part of reducing IT complexity in the future.

Online transactions are putting an infinite demand on servers, which puts an infinite demand on energy, Dell said. About 1.5 percent of US energy in 2007 was consumed by datacentres and by 2011, 70 percent of US corporations will witness disruptions due to power constraints, Dell said, citing Gartner statistics.

Dell did not detail the reference architecture, but said it will help corporations determine how green they are today, and help create plans to get more green in the future. "We call it your Greenprint, stay tuned to hear more about that," he said.

While the Greenprint reference architecture will help other companies, going green starts within his organisation, Dell said.

"Dell will be carbon neutral by the end of 2008," Dell said.

As part of the effort to simplify IT, Dell also outlined efforts by the company to ease IT support for enterprises and users. Dell announced that it would deliver Solaris to users on its PowerEdge servers and support the Oracle VM hypervisor for systems using Oracle software.

The virtual machine will transition workload seamlessly between machines, reducing system downtime while administrators perform system maintenance like memory increases or software updates, said Kevin Kettler, Dell's chief technology officer.