DDR3 memory chips will eclipse DDR2 as the main choice for computer RAM by early 2009, according to Samsung.

DDR3 offers faster performance and lower power consumption than DDR2 and the first desktop PCs using it will hit the market toward the end of next year, said Tae-Sung Jung, senior vice president of Samsung's memory division.

Jung claimed that in less than two years, DDR3 will become the most common type of DRAM found in PCs. "The DDR3 major crossover will happen in late 2008 or 2009, depending on the rate of industry adoption and cost reductions," he said.

Samsung is bullish on demand for DRAM, which it says will remain high next year due to the introduction of game consoles like Sony's PlayStation 3 and the release of Windows Vista (computers running Vista will require much more DRAM than Windows XP).

Vista's need for memory is pushing customers to ship more memory with each PC, from 800MB per system now to around 1.2GB next year, said Woo-Sik Chu, Samsung's senior vice president of investor relations.