Datacore has made it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from storage virtualisation in a series of announcements.

The company has introduced new virtual server storage area network (SAN) software, iSCSI SAN and disaster recovery (DR) products:

- In September it announced that its storage area networking products, SANsymphony and SANmelody, could run as virtual appliances inside VMware virtual servers. This has been extended. SANmelody, SANsymphony, and Traveller (continuous data protection) can all now be implemented ‘hardware free’ on virtual machines running inside four virtual server platforms: VMware, Citrix XenSource, Virtual Iron, and Microsoft.

- UpTempo software accelerates I/O through memory caching algorithms. It optimises Microsoft Exchange, SQL Databases, Virtual Servers, Citrix XenDesktops, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) and other I/O intensive applications. I/O performance can be accelerated by a factor of 3 to 4x or more.

- An expanded range of Virtual Infrastructure Foundation (VIF) Acceleration Bundles designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMB/Es) to affordably implement iSCSI Virtual SANs and fault-tolerant shared storage to support physical application servers and virtual server systems. All the products include DataCore’s high-speed caching technologies designed to accelerate storage performance as well as thin provisioning that optimises storage utilisation.

Datacore's VP for Europe, Christian Hagen, said: “Virtualisation now represents the major paradigm shift in IT and storage. Storage is becoming increasingly a software topic, and with DataCore it has become an application like any other. Our latest enhancements go one step further: they virtualise storage on virtual servers.”


- The Virtual SAN bundle costs 1,000 euros (or £700 - one euro equals £0.70 at standard conversion rates).

- The VIF Business Continuity Acceleration BC Starter Bundle for medium sized enterprises starts at 8,000 euros (£5,600) and rises to around 16,000 euros (£11,200).

- The VIF Disaster Recovery Acceleration DR Starter Bundle is priced from 8,000 euros (£5,600) to around 16,000 euros (£11,200).

- The VIF Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Acceleration BC/DR Bundle is priced from 14,000 euros (£9,800) to around 20,000 euros (£14,000).