DataCore has new packaged product to link two SANmelody IP storage area networks (SAN) together for business continuity and disaster recovery.

The business continuity package provides automatic failover between two local SANmelody systems, one of which synchronously mirrors the other. Each can have up to 3TB of capacity.

The disaster recovery (DR) package has two separated SANmelody sites with asynchronous IP mirroring providing long-distance replication of data. If the production site goes down then server access is switched to the DR site.

Each package is priced from $7,998 - about £4,500. Both optionally support Fibre Channel access and snapshot facilities. Disk-to disk backup and data migration facilities are available.

SANmelody virtualises the PC server's disk drives into a single storage pool and provides thin provisioning. Applications are assigned a very large logical drive at the outset while the software automatically allocates real space as the growth warrants it. This extra capacity appears to both users and applications as though more internal disks were installed. It drives up disk utilisation and avoids spinning empty disk drives.

Ziya Aral, DataCore's chairman and CTO, said: "What we have introduced to the market today is DataCore's entry-level solution for disaster recovery and as such is the lowest cost approach in the market without compromising on functionality."

Previously buying SAN-based DR and business continuity products was much more expensive. Steve Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of DR product supplier AccessFlow, said: "The problem has been that the price point for any disaster recovery solution of any merit is $100,000 and up."

DataCore claims that it fills the gap between low-end system replicators (e.g. NSI Double-Take) that cost thousands and high-end enterprise class storage array and SAN-based DR systems (e.g. IBM), that cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

Double-take has just announced a Server Recovery DR product.