De-dupe specialist Data Domain is touting the improved performance with its latest inline deduplication storage system for enterprise backup and archival purposes, the DD880.

For the past three months the company has been embroiled in a takeover tussle, which was eventually won in early July by storage giant EMC after it outbid rival bidder NetApp with an offer of $2.1 (£1.3) billion.

Now that the question marks over the company's ownership has been resolved (subject to shareholder approval), Data Domain is free to concentrate on its product range and is readying the DD880, which will be generally available in the third quarter of 2009.

According to the company, the DD880 has an aggregate throughput of up to 5.4TB an hour; is faster per controller than conventional virtual tape library (VTL) systems; and has a single stream throughput of up to 1.2TB an hour "to enable protection of large databases in short backup windows."

Data Domain says that this has allowed it to gain "consistently high benchmarks across the spectrum of common data centre backup metrics." The system will also support up to 71TB of associated, addressable, post-RAID, pre-deduplication disk storage.

Data Domain says that if a DDX Array with 16 DD880 controllers is fully configured, it increases aggregate throughput performance to up to 86TB an hour and offers up to 56 petabytes of usable capacity.

"Unlike most VTL systems or other backup storage targets, the DD880 de-duplicates data inline using an approach in which throughput is gated by factors that are CPU-centric, not disk centric," said the company.

The DD880 supports NFS and CIFS by default, as do all Data Domain products, and also offers both NetBackup OpenStorage and VTL as software options.

"There has been a popular misconception that inline deduplication systems cannot ingest backups as fast as backup solutions that write directly to disk and then execute data reduction processes," said Brian Babineau, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.

"Maybe that was true at one point in time, or for specific implementations," he said. "Data Domain's DD880 clearly proves that inline deduplication can be highly competitive in speed, even when compared to VTLs and other disk based backup targets with no deduplication at all."

An entry-level model with 22TB of usable storage costs in the region of £240,000 ($395,000)

The company has also made available a new release of its Enterprise Manager, a GUI-based management solution for Data Domain systems. The new version now provides monitoring or configuration support for system features such as centralised management of multiple nodes and configuration of system replication and migration capabilities.