Data centre providers have welcomed the news that Google, IBM and Nvidia will collaborate to form an open development alliance for datacentres called OpenPower.

The consortium aims to provide advanced server, networking, storage and graphics technology to give more control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud datacentres.

IBM will license designs of the Power microprocessor architecture to other companies in the consortium including Google, as part of an effort to expand use of the architecture and reverse declines in its systems hardware business. Meanwhile, component companies will be able to make hardware that can be integrated, or attached, to the processor.

In response to the news, datacentre provider Digital Realty said the OpenPower alliance complements its own distributed cloud platform and the specific needs of enterprise customers because it will drive better performance and cost efficiencies from their supporting systems.

Digital Realty’s vice president of engineering, Robert Bath, told Techworld: “The alliance will, in our view, equally encourage a better alignment of data centre hardware efficiency drivers with the efficiency initiatives attached to the supporting mechanical and electrical infrastructure.”

Meanwhile, datacentre provider Equinix said it’s encouraging to see collaboration between industry players to form the OpenPower development alliance for datacentres, adding that the new alliance will go some way towards shaping industry standards and a level of best practice across the sector.

Equinix UK managing director, Russell Poole, told Techworld: “From the datacentre operators perspective, IT needs to become more agile, flexible and scalable to support the new ways stakeholders want to communicate, collaborate and conduct business.

“At the same time, IT must deliver the new applications and services that enable the organisation – without making big capital investments or increasing their operating budget. Enterprises need smarter, more cost-effective applications and services that help to deliver speed, agility, flexibility and scalability.

“This has put the data centre at the heart of the business. It is the point from which social media, Big Data, mobility and cloud technologies can be harnessed and turned into growth opportunities. These trends represent a huge opportunity for datacentre operators and is one they can’t afford to miss.”