Retrospect 6.5 is a new release from Dantz Corporation. It is intended to fill a gap in the market, according to Khalid Arif, UK channel manager for Dantz, between burning CDs and DVDs on the one hand, and backing up to tape on the other. Low cost disks now represent a good backup medium. Arif says, "We're trying to target the increasing number of SME customers who are switching over to hard drives. They will backup to disk and then to tape."

The reason is speed and convenience; "They can't afford the time required to do the backups to tape all the time." Retrospect 6.5 costs £186.00 on a single server running Windows NT/2000 or 2003. It doesn't provide network backup facilities and there is no client software included with it. Any disks attached to the single server can be backed up, including RAID arrays. A backup set can span multiple external drives. Backup to CD and DVD is also supported. Arif claims that Dantz is the only supplier in the market to support CD, DVD and hard drives as backup targets.

Maxtor has previously bundled Retrospect with its One Touch external drives offering instant backup to the external drive via a button press. Veritas has just announced Backup Exec 5.0 which also includes a disk-to-disk backup capability.