A new Ethernet adapter kit will allow remote devices to be powered over the network even if it is not set up for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

D-Link' DWL-P200 Power over Ethernet adapter kit will mean wireless access points, surveillance cameras, LAN bridges and routers can be used anywhere an Ethernet cable can be run, even if there is no mains supply nearby.

This is already possible with the PoE standard but it remains expensive to upgrade both switches and remote devices to PoE-enabled versions.

The D-Link kit has a base unit that connects between an ordinary network switch and the Ethernet cable, injecting power onto spare cable pairs, plus a terminal unit that breaks out the power and provides the network device with a 5v or 12v feed.

The latter is important, according to D-Link marcomms manager Balvinder Singh Phull. He said that previous D-Link PoE kits - like many similar kits from other manufacturers - only supported 5v and therefore could not power devices such as 12v remote cameras.

"It's a flexible solution that delivers data and power simply, without the need of an electrician," he added. He said that this type of PoE has a range of 100m.

The DWL-P200 kit costs £29.36 plus VAT and can PoE-enable one Ethernet connection.