Cable & Wireless is launching a VoIP service to larger enterprises. A new IP Voice service will be available in the autumn and will allow companies to use their existing comms infrastructures.

According to Ian Waters, product marketing manager for IP Voice, the new service could save users as much as 25 per cent of their telecoms costs, although he said there were a variety of factors that would determine the actual amounts saved. "It would depend on the number of sites, the number of mobile calls, the cable infrastructure, the number of moves and changes, and number of existing ISDN connections," he told us.

Waters said that the company had already had several enquiries from customers, among them several large financial companies, and was going to be running trials with two of them over summer.

He added that, by using the existing PBXs and phones, the service would offer organisations a different path towards converged networks. Home workers in particular would benefit as they would be able to connect to corporate networks via DSL, he explained.

The C&W announcement follows the launch of a similar service from Switch IP at the end of April.