CreekPath has announced version 3.1 of its Storage Operations Management suite (SOM), which adds Backup Operations Management (BOM) and Database Operations Management (DOM) to the existing suite modules.

Aimed at Fortune 2000 companies, with large datacentres running mainframe and open systems servers, the software is intended to help manage storage operations more effectively. It has modules to provide storage resource management, storage performance management and other functions.

The BOM module is designed to provide assurances that backups have been run, data is recoverable and to provide a backup infrastructure. Veritas' NetBackup is supported with others coming. The DOM provides similar infrastructure management for databases with Oracle supported now. Sybase and DB2 support is coming.

Scott Hansbury, CreekPath's chief marketing officer, said products such as EMC's Control Centre or IBM's recently-announced productivity centre are, "user interfaces that launch individual products". However, he says, "CreekPath has been architected from the ground up as an integrated solution."

The suite claims to be an abstraction layer between a CIO's staff and installed storage hardware and software components. As such, it is intended to be used to manage a heterogeneous storage infrastucture, the components of which will change over time.

Creekpath's SOM suite prices include a main server component with additions, based upon the size of a network. Prices start from Euros 30,000 (£20,300) but a complete system will cost between 100,000 (£67,700) to Euros 400,000 (£270,800).