IBM is set to offer its Tivoli continuous data protection product to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for $35 a system. According to a report on CNET, files on desktops or laptops would have every save action copied to a target disk device so that all changes to files were copied providing continuous protection. Backups provide protection at intervals with all changes since the last backup lost if the file is lost or the system crashes.

The saved information can be encrypted and sent to a remote system, external disk or USB drive. Generally only critical files are protected in this way as extra disk space is needed to store the copied data and both CPU cycles and I/O bandwidth consumed in making the copies.

Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files was released in August last year.

The SME Version will be sold through Digital River. Its availability was mentioned by Techworld in February. The price is said to be $35 (around £20) per system, laptop or desktop. This is the same as the client price for the enterprise product. Continuous protection for servers in the enterprise product costs about $1,000.

SMEs with restricted budgets may not be able to afford to protect all their critical files on servers.