Concord hopes to capture the non-techie network management market with its new eHealth product line.

The business services console (BSC) will apparently aim at a new generation of users who need network management statistics to be simplified. The new system provides what Concord VP Fred Engel calls “a view that’s red or green.” Such technology will bridge the gap between the techy world and the business world, we are told.

There’s an element of confusion with network management software, causing most organisations to have to employ someone as a bridge between IT departments and business chiefs. “Someone has to interpret all that information and it’s frequently a non-techie,” Engel said.

Accepting that reducing complex statistics to red and green lights was over-simplifying matters, Engel nevertheless suggested that BSC was much more than a simplification of existing data. “It’s not just about red lights and green lights, that’s just the starting point. What we aiming for is a common language understood by business users and technical staff.” He added that BSC drew together a variety of different statistics: “It’s not just looking at figures in isolation but how they work together."

The company hopes that the new product, launched in June, will be a boost to the company’s fortunes after a sluggish first quarter. “The sales were down - because we screwed up, not because the market isn’t there." He said that he had high hopes for the product: “Two companies have bought the beta version, that has to be a good sign,” he said.

With the product costing a flat £100,000, it’s certainly not a cheap option.