There will be no more duplicated files in storage managed by CommVault's QiNetix data management suite. The company has added security, indexing and search too, as well as renaming it Simpana.

QiNetix is, or was, an integrated set of data management facilities under a single interface. With it customers could backup and restore data, take snapshots, replicate them, archive data, move it between tiers in a storage hierarchy, manage SANs and carry out storage resource management.

Since the last major release classification and indexing of unstructured data has become a storage need in the face of compliance regulations and legal discovery activity. Data security concerns have mounted in the wake of lost tapes and breached firewalls. Duplication in file storage has also become important as a way of coping with rampant file growth.

These areas have spawned startups, acquisitions and OEM deals. For example NetApp now OEMs the Kazeon data indexing and classification product. Enterprise search vendor Autonomy has bought legal discovery technology vendor Zantaz. Microsoft has added Single Instance Storage (SIS) to its Data Protection Manager product. The new LTO4 tape format has drive-level encryption.

CommVault was facing new products offering functionality, such as indexing, that QiNetx didn't have. Unless it broadened the scope of this unified data management product suite it faced losing sales as customers bought point products to fix problems QiNetix had no response to.

Simpana is the renamed and updated QiNetix suite. It gains search and discovery to open up information held in archives, content indexing to lay the basis for search, single instance store, data classification, security and encryption. Single instancing, content indexing, disaster recovery copying and encryption can be done in the background after data enters storage so as to avoid product system slowdown. The existing data protection features have been enhanced.

It looks pretty comprehensive, with CommVault hitting all the current feature hot spots. Big businesses can now manage their data growth more efficiently and access information traditionally locked up and unavailable (to search requests) inside backup sets and archives. Files, emails and attachments stored across separate backup, archive and online data sets become a single logical pool of searchable data.

Simpana continues the QiNetix idea of integrating the many storage-related functions under one GUI. The Simpana product is available now with pricing for specific configurations on request.