Job rates are going up as the UK emerges from recession, which has been helped by the need for cloud computing skills, claims an international consulting company.

Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) has published the first UK edition of its IT Services Rates Database. The database has tracked IT services daily rates in France and Germany for ten years.

To compile the UK database, PAC interviewed 150 users and IT companies on the daily average rates paid. The rates cover six areas, including applications and infrastructure, platforms (Microsoft, IBM, for instance), job profile, job function, industry verticals, and business solutions (HR, CRM, for instance).

"The database shows that, overall, rates paid by UK firms are slowly rising, as the economy emerges from recession. But growth is patchy," said PAC.

Dominic Trott, senior analyst at PAC, said: "We expect a short-term boost in rates due to the high demand in cloud-related skills. But in the medium term we'll see commoditisation of testing and application management roles as these functions migrate to the cloud."

PAC also sees trends in the impact of offshore services provision. "We see the more junior end of the onshore market being affected by roles moving offshore," Trott said. "But there will be a greater demand for onshore staff with experience, in management and senior consulting functions."

Consulting has the highest average rates across all job levels. But project management has the highest absolute rate and the widest spread of rates, showing a high degree of variability dependent on experience, said PAC.

The database charts growth in rates from 2012 to 2013 and predicts rate increases in 2014. Financial services shows the strongest growth potential, but the public sector will show a decline in real terms over the next 12 months, PAC said.

Within application platforms, Microsoft shows the strongest growth trends, "albeit modest and below expected inflation".