UK hosting company Elastic Hosts has opened up a cloud computing facility in the US, claiming to be only the second company to offer cloud services on both sides of the Atlantic.

The company has opened a facility in San Antonio and is set to take on Amazon as offering services to UK and US customers. Elastic Hosts offers on-demand capacity billed by the hour rather than a fixed term.

Elastic Hosts CEO, Richard Davies, said that the company has been asked by its own European customers to open up a facility in the US and thought that the time was no ripe.

He said that the company offered a different service from Amazon. "We handle things differently from the way that Amazon does things. We aim to provide a service to our customers allowing them to configure a cloud solution the same way that they configure a physical machine. We also aim to make things as simple as possible. For example, take the way that we handle static IP addresses – if someone wants static IP address, we can give them true static. Amazon has doesn't do that, it offers a form of network address translation – it comes to the same thing but our offering is much less complicated."

Davies said that Elastic Hosts uses a modern platform, another area where he believes that the service scores over Amazon.. "We use technology that wasn't available when Amazon built its system some years ago."

The other distinguishing factor, said Davies, is that the company offered a 100 percent SLA. "We back by this by saying if you experience, we will give you a 100x credit – that is an extremely strong commitment."