Cisco has made available a free iPhone app that can be used to receive over a dozen security-related information feeds in customisable form related both to Cisco products and to general security topics, such as newly detected threats.

The Cisco SIO To Go iPhone application draws from the wealth of information continuously generated in Cisco's security intelligence operations (SIO) that monitor and consolidate information drawn from sensors and other sources about security threats worldwide. Michael Weir, manager of marketing for security, says the tool is Cisco's first iPhone app specifically for security; a few others were designed for use with Cisco's WebEx service and utilities.

"It's data that's valuable and actionable for you," says Weir about Cisco SIO To Go, which lets users select from a range of information, including risk reports or news-related events.

For network managers, customizable information feeds include Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team Alerts, IPS signatures, applied mitigation bulletins, as well as links to the Cisco security blog, cyber-risk reports, Twitter feeds and security podcasts.

Until now, to obtain the same type of information it would be necessary to go to the public portions of Cisco’s SIO website to locate it. The free Cisco SIO To Go iPhone app can be found at the Apple iTunes store online.