Cisco has put money into storage NeoPath Networks, a storage virtualisation start-up that aims to give central control of storage distributed across an enterprise.

NeoPath, founded in 2002, makes a device that consolidates file systems which are held on servers and network-attached storage boxes throughout an enterprise, allowing administrators to configure and allocate storage space across the network through a centralised interface.

Cisco's recent efforts in virtualisation technology have included wide-area file services (WAFS) and server and storage virtualisation. Cisco acquired server virtualisation switch maker TopSpin a year ago, and used its technology in a new VFrame architecture, well as buying WAFS systems maker Actona and delivering Actona-based appliances.

Cisco also got deeper into the storage virtualisation market last year with a line card for the MDS 9500 storage switch that brings IBM, EMC and Veritas virtualisation capabilities into the box.

Cisco joined August Capital, DCM-Doll Capital Management and Gabriel Venture Partners in an $11 million funding round for NeoPath, which gives the company a total of $30 million investment.