Cisco is rolling out a number of changes to its core router family this week.

New "tunnel-less" VPN technology should help businesses with fast-growing branch-office deployments set up and maintain secure WAN links. The technology ties in with its new Group Encryption Transport (GET) and an updated version of its IOS switch/routing software.

The new IOS release includes a range of new features particularly covering VoIP and security, and AT&T will launch a data encryption enhancement for its MPLS-based IP VPN service, using the Group Encryption Transport (GET) technology.

New hardware modules for Cisco's Integrated Services Router line will also be announced that add network management and monitoring, as well as connectivity options, such as cable broadband, DSL and metro Ethernet to the routers.

Cisco will also produce a series of new and enhanced products designed to let carriers deliver application and subscriber-aware video services.