Can it really only be a week ago that the Techworld storage round-up appeared? Well, yes, actually:

Bridgeworks has unveiled its Potomac family of iSCSI bridges for SAN connectivity. The entry-level product offers 45Mbit/s and UltraSCSI 160 connectivity. Pricing is good for smaller enterprises. For comparison, Bridgeworks' David Trossell says, the ATTO 2500 bridge is approximately £3,250. "That is not a great deal different from their 2Gb Fibre Channel product range for the same performance. Our Fibre channel product is £1,995 [for the same performance as ATTO FC bridge] but we have managed to reduce the price of our iSCSI bridge down below £1,000 yet still give a realistic level of performance."

Fujitsu Siemens Computer has upgraded its CentricStor disk-to-disk backup virtual tape product. It has added Service Level Agreements, improved scalability in both and an automatic failover. CentricStor can now look like a large number of autoloaders to servers. A new FICON interface is also there.

HP has announced the HP StorageWorks NAS 500s Storage Server, claimed to be an "easy-to-deploy, centralized storage for file sharing, print services, application storage services and Microsoft Exchange hosting." It's a tower cabinet. HP also released an ISCSI Feature Pack - customers can use existing Ethernet to migrate to networked storage, such as the NAS 500s.

IBM included in its mainframe roadmap GDPS Hyperswap Manager for single site recovery, "a new lower cost entry level solution for dynamic management of disk subsystems". It should be available at the start of next year.

LockStep released Backup for Workgroups version 2.5. It's disk-based backup and disaster recovery software for networked Windows servers and desktops.

Overland Storage is now delivering WORM tape capability in its NEO libraries using Quantum SDLT600 tape drives and DLTice.

QLogic took part in a plug-fest hosted with Microsoft bringing together storage array vendors Accusys, Adaptec, EMC, Engenio, HP, Infortrend, NEC, Network Appliance and Xiotech for interoperability testing with Windows Server 2003 Virtual Disk Service (VDS) and SANsurfer VDS Manager. QLogic (and Microsoft) claim that: "When combined, these products dramatically simplify storage management in a Windows environment by providing one user interface for any disk array."

Symantec announced availability of the Symantec LiveState Recovery family of products, disk-based system and data recovery products. Three editions of Symantec LiveState Recovery (formerly Symantec V2i Protector) are available: Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 3.0, Symantec LiveState Recovery Standard Server 3.0, and Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop 3.0. The products deliver fast recovery of critical information and complete systems in the event of a system failure or data loss.

The products capture a point-in-time operating state or snapshot - LiveState - of an entire server or desktop, including the O/S, applications, data, and settings, in one file. These point-in-time snapshots are created without interrupting user or application activities. Symantec asserts that users can perform a full system restoration, a complete bare metal recovery or retrieve individual files or folders, in minutes rather than the many hours it usually takes to manually rebuild servers and workstations and restore data from conventional tape backup.

Texas Memory Systems has told us by email that its RamSan solid state disks will be sold by Sun Client Solutions UK.