With many observers predicting that 2011 is going to be the year for Windows 7 rollouts and VDI deployments, Centrix Software has teamed up with application compatibility company ChangeBase to improve the way that customers handle major software transformation projects.

Lewis Gee, Centrix's VP worldwide sales and marketing said. "During any transformation – for example, upgrading to Windows 7, rolling out desktop virtualisation or both, As organisations are looking to make any time of transformation - whether that's Windows 7, virtualisation or a bit of both - they want to know two things. Firstly, what applications are being used and not being used - as they don't want to transfer apps that aren't needed, and, secondly, whether the applications are going to be compatible with the new platform."

He said that Centrix had been in discussions with ChangeBase for some time about working together as the two companies were very complementary. "We can determine what applications to transfer over and ChangeBase can work out what's going to work before they 'lift and drop' - it's a cost saving for the customer."

The strategic alliance would be based on joint marketing, Gee added. "We are going to build our partnership as we go forward. We're taking our joint proposition out to the market and show how our products really work together to improve the success rate of transformation."