BT will offer a 1Mbit/s broadband service to its wholesale customers from 20 November.

BT has been running trials of the service with 50 ISP customers, reaching 1,500 end users, since October and "that went pretty well, so now we're expecting orders to start flooding in," said a BT spokesman.

The one-time wholesale connection charge for the BT IPStream Home 1000 service will be £50, and the monthly wholesale rental is £23. ISPs upgrading current end users from BT IPStream Home 500 products will pay a £35 regrade charge instead of the connection charge, BT said in a statement.

The service will be available to 80 percent of the UK population, and BT hopes to reach 90 percent of the population during 2004.

Bulldog Communications began offering the service as part of BT's trial on 14 October and had already seen considerable interest in the product before that date, said Bulldog's communications manager Seymour Forsyth.

Bulldog already offers its own 1Mbit/s and 2Mbit/s service over a network of 450 exchanges. The new BT service will allow it to expand its regional scope, however. "This lets us capture the customers we couldn't offer 1 meg services to before," Forsyth said. The product is priced at £27.99 a month, slightly higher than Bulldog's own service, which costs £24.99.

BT Retail, BT's ISP business, has not yet decided when it will take up the 1Mbit/s service, but will do so "at some point," said a company spokesman.