BT has unveiled a new set of solutions designed to help organisations reap the productivity gains promised by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

Exponential growth in the use of smart devices has led to significant and increased demand for bandwidth, often resulting in login delays and a performance decline in some applications.

BT has launched a suite of integrated solutions, with the aim of enabling CIOs to deploy smart devices on a large scale while improving end-user experience.

These include new wireless LAN capabilities (including enhancement management, policy control and reporting), a new cloud-based device management and mobile application management service, and a new MobileXpress package offering secure remote access delivered from the cloud.

BT has also launched a new service called Connect Intelligence for devices, that gives central visibility of applications running on smart devices.

“It has become very clear that BYOD productivity gains are only reaped if network services can cope securely with the extra load,” said Neil Sutton, VP Global Portfolio at BT Global Services.

“Our wireless solutions and our identity and access control policy platform are designed to provide a seamless user experience whilst implementing compliant and enhanced infrastructure security, all from a centralised point.”

BT also announced two new professional services offerings – BT Advise BYOD Quick Start and BT Advise BYOD Ready Infrastructure Quick Start – which aim to help customers assess how prepared they are for the introduction of smart devices and BYOD, from policy to implementation.

The suite of solutions builds on BT's experience as official communications services partner of London 2012.

“During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we showed our ability to deliver very large scale projects combining all of those elements and we are now determined to put that expertise at the service of companies all over the world,” said Sutton.