Brocade has updated its data centre fibre channel offering to better support 16Gbps storage area networking.

Brocade has introduced its Brocade Fabric Vision technology, a hardware and software combination that is designed to "maximise uptime, simplify deployment and management, and improve visibility and management of the network", Brocade said.

Based on the 16 Gbps Fibre Channel standard, Brocade has also launched its new high density Brocade 6520 Switch.

Brocade Fabric Vision technology, said the supplier, provides administrators with the ability to "anticipate and pre-empt problems before they impact operations, accelerate application deployments and dramatically reduce operational costs".

Brocade Fabric Vision technology includes policy-based tools that simplify fabric-wide threshold configuration and monitoring; and management tools that allow administrators to identify, monitor and analyse specific application data flows, without the need for "expensive, disruptive, third-party tools".

The offering also includes monitoring tools that detect network congestion and latency in the fabric, providing visualisation of bottlenecks and identifying exactly which devices and hosts are impacted. There are also customisable health and performance dashboard views, providing all critical information in one screen, and cable and optic diagnostic features that simplify the deployment and support of large fabrics.  

The new Brocade 6520 Switch offers 96 Fibre Channel ports in a 2U form factor. In addition to Gen 5 Fibre Channel advanced functionality, the density of the Brocade 6520 means fewer inter-switch links, fewer cables and fewer switches to manage - "resulting in more reliable fabrics and lower overall costs", said Brocade.