Tata Communications has unveiled the grand prize winner of the inaugural F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, whose jury included 2014 Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton.

A four-man British team has won the $50,000 (£31,000) prize, with an idea of how 60,000 hours of footage in Formula One Management’s digital archive can be catalogued. Along with the cash, two of the team will be VIP guests at next year’s Monaco grand prix.

© iStock/Pali Rao
© iStock/Pali Rao

The winning team - Jody Allen, Tom Williams, Chris Randall and Chris Belmore from London - submitted a user-centric solution that could empower fans around the world to contribute to the process of cataloguing over 60,000 hours of video in Formula One Management’s digital archive.

The team proposed a solution for the competition's Crowd Sourcing Commentary Challenge, where fans would be given data access and encouraged to submit their "greatest moments" compilation each week.

Searching the archive, which has already been tagged with baseline metadata, fans could explore the relevant race and using the simple editing interface, find and clip their moment. The fan community would then vote on the winning clips and the winners could receive VIP prizes. This user-centric approach could empower F1 viewers to catalogue the digital archive, whilst also adding a new dimension to the fan experience.

Lewis Hamilton said: “There were lots of really strong entries for all three challenges. The competition really seemed to engage the fans and sparked some great responses. The winning solution understood how race fans think and act, and how our sport can develop ways to connect with our fans at the race tracks and at home.”

Winning team leader Jody Allen said: “At the heart of our belief as Formula 1 fans was the conviction that everyone has their own treasured memory of key moments in the sport’s history. Some are the instantly recognised seminal events, others are highly individual and personal.

"By connecting these moments to narrative allowed us to build something that was more than just a rigid and structured database, but rather a fluid and dynamic set of linkages between everyone’s personal views of the sport."

The competition will be repeated next year, said Tata.